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Service Periods and Pay Periods

As defined in Article IX, Section 4(c) of the University of Illinois Statutes, minimum salaries for various faculty ranks shall be determined by the Board of Trustees.  The minimum for eleven months’ service shall be approximately two-ninths greater than the minimum for the academic year (nine months service).  Additionally, the General Rules, Article IV, Section 1 (h), require all employees rendering service on a twelve-month basis (eleven months service with one month vacation) shall be compensated in twelve equal monthly installments except when an appointment effective date or termination date results in a partial month service as defined by the Monthly Pay Date below.  General Rules also require employees, with the exception of assistants, rendering services during the academic year (nine months) to be compensated in twelve equal monthly installments or on a pro rata basis for shorter periods.  Standard Service Definitions are as follows:

Standard Service Definitions

  • 8/16-8/15                          Appointment Year
  • 8/16-5/15                          Academic Year
  • 8/16- 12/31                       Fall Semester
  • 1/01-5/15                           Spring Semester
  • 5/16-8/15                          Summer Term
  • 8/16-9/15 (example)       Monthly Pay Period (16th of current month to the 15th of                                                                 next month)

Actual service may not be for the full period indicated. For partial month service, pay is calculated based on the number of actual days worked (Monday-Friday) compared to the total number of work days (Monday-Friday) in the pay period. A brief explanation of the service basis and the standard period of service versus period of payment are listed in the table below:

Service BasisStandard Period of ServicePeriod of Payment
9/9:   9 months service paid over 9 months8/16-5/158/16-5/15
9/12:  9 months service paid over 12 months8/16-5/158/16-8/15
10/12:  10 months service paid over 12 months8/16-6/158/16-8/15
12/12:  12 month service paid over 12 months including allowable vacation8/16-8/158/16-8/15
Summer Pay:  Applicable to 9/12 faculty, and 10/12 employees during their non-service period only.5/16-8/155/16-8/15
Summer Session:  4-week session5/19-6/13*5/16-6/15
Summer Session:  8-week session6/16-8/8*6/16-8/15
*Summer session periods of service will vary slightly from year to year, however the period of payment will remain the same.