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Request for Exception to Limit on Summer Appointment

The General Rules, Article IV, Section 1(e) provides for members of the faculty who are required to render service during the academic year to engage in Summer Session teaching or to perform research or other services during a period not exceeding two months, and receive, for each month of such service, additional compensation at the rate of one-ninth of the full-time rate paid for services required during the preceding academic year. Such employment may be for longer periods during the summer only upon the advance approval of the chancellor. Staff members required to render services for twelve months, with allowable vacation, shall not receive additional compensation for services rendered during the summer. For staff members rendering services partly on a twelve-month basis and partly on an academic year basis, this regulation applies only to the twelve months portion.

Exceptions to the above two-month limit must be approved in advance and the Request for Exception to Limit on Summer Appointment form must be completed, certified and approved by all required parties.