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Retroactive Salary Increases

The State will not permit the University to make retroactive salary adjustments.  The policy regarding this issue allows a salary increase to become effective at the beginning of a pay period only if final written approval is obtained prior to the first of the month in which the increase is paid.  Therefore, if a retroactive salary increase has been approved and is to be effective on October 16, the final approval must be obtained by the paying unit prior to November 1, for the increase to be paid on November 16.  Exceptional circumstances may warrant a deviation from this policy; however, these circumstances must be fully documented and presented in writing to the provost or vice chancellor for health affairs for review.  If the circumstances are determined to be the result of a clerical or administrative error, approval may be given.  All retroactive salary increase requests for faculty must be submitted to and approved by the provost or the vice chancellor for health affairs.