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Other Non-Tenured Appointments Associated with Faculty


Departmental/Institute/Center Affiliate was established to provide greater flexibility in the sharing of services of faculty members.  Less formal in nature than a regular joint appointment (which generally carries voting rights and tenure status in each department), the departmental/institute/center affiliate designation would not carry with it any tenure rights or voting rights in the affiliated department/unit.  The designation would be available only to faculty members who otherwise have an academic position in the University in a “home department.”  The appointment would be made annually with the concurrence of the home department and the affiliated department/unit and acceptance by the individual and could be terminated either by the department/unit or the individual.  The position authorizes the Affiliate to direct Masters and Ph.D. theses in the affiliated department in the normal manner of other members of that department (subject to the usual rules of the Graduate College).

The affiliated department/unit may wish to contribute temporarily to the salary of the affiliate.  This can be done by either 1) a transfer of funds to the affiliate’s home department, or 2) designating a percentage appointment in the affiliated department with a corresponding percentage reduction in home department.  Arrangements should be made in advance between the departments and the individual regarding the length and funding arrangements for such an appointment.  For purposes of promotion, only the home department will be involved since the title of Affiliate does not designate faculty rank per se or carry any implications for tenure.


Titles included in the academic ranks include teaching associate, clinical associate and postdoctoral research associate (although listed as research associate in the University of Illinois Statutes, the Chicago campus does not currently allow the use of research associate without the postdoctoral modifier).  Persons qualified for these ranks are appointed at a percent time and under the direction of a faculty member.  Unlike associate appointments, the postdoctoral fellow is generally a zero percent time affiliation.  Various types of fellowships exist at UIC either at the departmental level or at the campus level.  Most fellowships are accompanied by a stipend and a tuition and service fee waiver.


The “Visiting Scholar” designation is assigned to international or domestic research scholars and members of the teaching faculty who come to UIC that collaborate or study in some part of the University’s academic community on a short-term appointment.  Eligibility for an international visiting scholar appointment requires that the individual hold J1 visa status (exchange visitor).  Eligibility for a domestic visiting scholar in residence requires that the individual be on a leave or sabbatical from their current employer.  Individuals who have not completed the Ph.D. or other terminal degree may not be hired as a visiting scholar at UIC.

Additionally, for international scholars where salary support is provided by the individual’s home country, documentation of the level of support must be provided at the time the appointment is processed.  The complexity of U.S. immigration laws and regulations pertaining to non-immigrant aliens makes consultation with the UIC Office of International Services highly advisable early in the recruitment process.