Section IV. New Employee Policies

A.    Faculty Orientation

UIC welcomes all new faculty to participate in the variety of campus-based and unit-based orientation events.  Participation in all events is actively encouraged. There are two types of orientation for new faculty. The first is offered by UIC Human Resources (UIC HR), covering issues related to employment, compensation, and benefits. The second is offered through the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, covering academic issues. Attendance is expected at both.

For further information about the orientation offered by UIC HR, please see the New Employee Orientation section on their website. The new employee orientation program acquaints employees with general campus policies related to their employment, safety and security information, benefits information, and the UIC websites as resources for obtaining information and performing employment transactions.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs holds a Campus New Faculty Orientation every fall to welcome new faculty to UIC.  Included in the agenda are keynote speakers addressing teaching, service and research at UIC.

B.     NESSIE, UI New Hire

The University of Illinois Human Resources interactive web site, NESSIE, is a Net-driven Employee Self-Service and Information Environment that enables University employees to view employment related information, such as benefits, policies, and training opportunities. This site provides relevant information on the University environment, getting a job at the University, and employee benefits.

Accessing UI New Hire enables recently hired University employees to complete their benefits and new hire paperwork on line via secured self-service applications.  The hiring department/unit will provide a new hire logon ID and Password to access the UI New Hire website.  On-screen instructions provide prompts to complete new hire benefits and employment information.  In 2011, all new employees began receiving their pay through direct deposit to an account with a financial institution or automatically have their pay deposited on a pay card.  Additional information is available from the Office of University Payroll.

Once your appointment information has been entered into the Payroll/Personnel system, as an employee one can access NESSIE to conduct personnel transactions online and change/view information related to work environment, such as:   1) W-4 Form, 2) address change, 3) direct deposit, 4) earnings statement, 5) Notification of Appointment (NOA), and 6) employment verification.

C.    ID Card

To obtain a University Identification Card (i-card), one must present photo identification (e.g., driver’s license) and verification of UIC status.  The verification of UIC status may be a copy of the annual contract/NOA.  If employment status in the form of an NOA is not yet available, a letter on departmental stationary stating employment terms can be provided to the Photo ID Office. ID card offices are located in the Student Center West and the Student Services Building.

D.    Getting Around:  Transportation and Parking

Parking is available to faculty, staff, and students at all times by card access.  The parking program is self-supporting and all persons pay a fee when using any university parking facility.  For those who drive to campus only occasionally, cash lots are available.  Campus Parking Services is responsible for providing safe, convenient, and affordable parking for these vehicles.  For additional information regarding UIC Parking Services, including campus maps, location of parking facilities, ADA accessibility, parking rules and regulations, and driving directions to the campus, access the link above.

E.     Getting Started:  Using Computer Services at UIC

In order to use the computing services at UIC, new faculty should follow the three steps below:

Almost any unique netid is acceptable as long as it is not already in use. The netid must have a minimum of three and a maximum of eight characters. Letters and numbers are permitted, but other characters are not. For example, Ada Byron Lovelace might choose adabyron as her netid. Once chosen, a netid cannot be easily changed, so please choose it carefully. Remember that the netid is a public identifier, and will probably be put on your business card.  Netids are registered immediately, so you can proceed to select a password and open your account(s) after your netid is registered.

Current available email and calendaring options can be found on the ACCC website.